Thank you to Interfor for your support of the Maternity Pen Project

The Arrow Lakes Caribou Society would like to thank Interfor for their contributions to the Caribou Maternity Pen Project. Efforts to recover the Southern Mountain Central Selkirk Caribou population have been supported with in-kind supplies from Interfor. Randy Waterous, Interfor Environment and Land Use Superintendent (Interior Woodlands) says “we hope to contribute to the herd recovery and long-term viability while continuing to provide social value and economic benefits to the communities where we live and work.” Interfor has a “strong alignment” with ALCS with its commitment to meeting high environmental standards and “participating in habitat conservation and wildlife recovery plans.” Jennifer Erlendson, Interfor Operations Superintendent (Kootenay Woodlands) says her involvement with ALCS sparked from participating in a community lichen picking day back in November 2020. Now, Jennifer is part of the ALCS Board of Directors and enjoys the community involvement put towards recovery efforts of the caribou population. You can find out more about Interfor on their website:


or LinkedIn:

Pictured: Construction of the Maternity Pen with donated geotextile cloth from Interfor

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