Maternity Pen Construction

Since 2019, ALCS has received over $70,000 in in-kind work and materials from local businesses and stakeholders for maternity pen planning and construction. Following conditional government support for pen construction and operation in 2020/2021 from the South Area Caribou Team, pen construction ramped up in October. ALCS received $73,928 from the B.C. Provincial Government’s Forest Employment Program towards the construction of the maternity pen.

A dedicated team of workers completed construction of the fence in November. Further work has been completed at the pen site to secure the fence by burying the bottom of the fabric and fastening another cable halfway up the fence to hold it in place.

Two storage containers have been positioned outside the fence to store equipment and feed pellets for operations. ALCS received $4000 from the Nakusp and Area Community Foundation to purchase one of the storage containers and the other was provided by MFLNRORD from the Porcupine pen near Salmo.

The observation blind overlooking the feeding area is under construction on top of one of the containers and will be the main location where shepherds can observe caribou each day. The feeding area was thinned and cleared to allow for better viewing from the observation blind.

Planning for the installation of an electric fencing system and a surveillance system are underway. Pen construction will continue in 2021 to prepare for caribou capture in March 2021.

ALCS would like to thank all of the local stakeholders, businesses, and individuals supporting the maternity pen project. This project would not have gone ahead without the in-kind support, funding, and donations that ALCS has received.

Donations, Volunteers, and In-Kind Supporters:

  • Kalispel Tribe of Indians, CAMAS Foundation
  • Stella-Jones Inc.
  • Private donations, GoFundMe campaign
  • Nakusp and Area Community Forest
  • Interfor Corp.
  • True North Forestry Consulting Ltd.
  • Ingersol Mountain Enterprises Ltd.
  • BHEx Contracting Ltd.
  • Atlantic Industries Ltd.
  • Bent Pine Energy Ltd.
  • Pretzel Enterprises Ltd.
  • Nakusp and Area Community Foundation
  • Crescent Bay Construction Ltd.
  • Canadian Mountain Holidays Inc.
  • Selkirk College
  • Horizon2Horizon
  • Arrow Lakes Cross-Country Ski Club
  • Arrow Lakes ATV Club
  • Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild
  • International Caribou Foundation
  • 2% for Conservation
  • Caribou Conservation Breeding Foundation

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