9 of 10 Cows Pregnant in Central Selkirk Caribou Maternity Pen!

ALCS is excited to announce that 9 of the 10 caribou cows in the pen are pregnant!

These cows will remain in the maternity pen during calving, and for a few weeks after, until the new calves are strong and more easily able to avoid predators.

In total, the Central Selkirk Caribou Maternity Pen has 14 animals in it this year. Four of the animals are calves which were born last year in the pen, and 10 animals are cows.

One of the cows captured this year came from the Columbia South herd near Revelstoke. This cow was the last animal in the Columbia South herd. For more information about the translocation, see this statement on the Parks Canada website. https://parks.canada.ca/…/faune-flore-fauna-flora/caribou

The other 9 cows were captured from areas near Nakusp, and these are the cows which are pregnant. Including, one cow which was a yearling in our pen last year! ALCS is excited to see the quantitative benefits of maternity penning, and increases in the Central Selkirk caribou herd population!

Photo credit to Cory DeStein Photography.