Happy World Caribou Day! – And new calves!

World Caribou Day is today, June 6th! Celebrate our love of caribou with us, with the theme Getting to Know Caribou and a slogan of A Brighter Future for Caribou!

This celebratory day, created by the Caribou Conservation Breeding Foundation brings accessible education and involvement to the public to help a species at risk.

Find educational materials about caribou, developed by the Foundation on their website here: https://www.ccbf.ca/world-caribou-day

And, perfect timing for World Caribou Day is the birth of four new calves in the maternity pen over the last week! Our total is up to 5 calves now, and we are patiently waiting for the final two to be born in the near future!

Stay tuned for cute calf pictures, updates about caribou status, and release from the maternity pen in July or August.